China’s Plastic Ban Has Thrown Global Recycling into Turmoil

China’s ban on plastic imports has caused turmoil for global recycling. The nation previously took in most of the scrap plastic from around the world, but last year issued a ban on foreign plastic imports, in a bid to protect its environment and air quality. Now some countries have no idea where to send their waste.

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Hillwalkers and Climbers Urged to Keep Mountains Free From Litter

Hillwalkers and climbers are being urged to take part in a clean up campaign that will rid the country’s mountains of litter. The British Mountaineering Council (BMC)  will launch the initiative at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival. The campaign is going to be called ‘The Hills to Oceans; Removing Mountains of Waste’ or H2O for short.

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Nestle to Join Project Aimed at Preventing Marine Litter

Nestle has become one of the latest strategic partners of Project Stop which is an initiative to help prevent plastic pollution in South East Asia.  Estimates say that there is around 150 million tonnes of plastic in our oceans at the moment, with over half of it coming from 5 countries.

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