Rubbish Roundup 17th October 2016

Rubbish Roundup – 17th October 2016

  • Michelin-starred chef, Massimo Bottura, has opened a soup kitchen using left-over food, in order to raise awareness about food waste.
  • Fly-tippers have dumped hundreds of tonnes of rubbish next to a nature reserve in Rowley Regis. The pile, which stretches for over 320 feet, has been described by locals as the most shocking case that they’ve ever seen.
  • Two government agencies in Singapore have called for a fact finding exercise to explore the use of driverless vehicles for street cleaning and rubbish collection.
  • Trevor Jones, an artist from Leith, has turned rubbish that he found on the streets of Edinburgh into portraits of politicians. Examples of the rubbish include Irn-Bru bottles and cigarette butts, whilst the politicians number Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
  • Coventry City Council have rolled out a new rubbish app that can remind users when bin collections are scheduled, advise on the correct bins to put waste items in, and how to put bins out. The new app comes on the back of news that residents in Coventry are recycling less than they were five years ago.
  • In the aftermath of Hurricane Nicole, flotsam, which includes many plastic items, has been washed up on Bermuda’s beaches. Residents have immediately begun the clear-up.
  • A family who moved to a new council house in Cambridge, were shocked to discover five hundred dirty syringes and tonnes of rubbish piled in the back garden. The local authority has removed the syringes but told the new tenants that it is now their responsibility to clear up the rubbish.