Rubbish Roundup 30th January

People who want to use a rubbish tip in Derbyshire for certain types of waste now have to pay a charge for the privilege. As Derbyshire County Council struggles to make £4 million worth of cuts to its waste management services, they opted for imposing a £3 charge for people wanting to dispose of building waste, such as tiles and rubble, instead of abolishing the service altogether.

Residents were consulted about the charge and 47% of those surveyed said they would be happy to pay a charge. The county’s waste management bill comes to over £37 million per year, and in the face of budget cuts, the council had some tough decisions to make.



Hiring a ‘man with a van’ to dispose of your rubbish could land you in court, residents in Derbyshire have been warned. South Derbyshire County Council issued the warning after a rise in people hiring people to dispose of their waste at rock bottom prices led to increasing amounts of waste being fly-tipped. The council has warned that court action would be considered where the waste is traced back to the original owner. They emphasised that anyone offering to dispose of waste should have a permit, and residents should ask to see one.



A man who was spotted by a resident dumping rubbish illegally in Sheffield has been fined by magistrates. The man was seen dumping the waste from his van, and the resident made a note of his vehicle registration and informed the authorities. Officers from Sheffield City Council’s Environment Protection Service investigated and tracked the man down, but he did not respond to their request for an interview. The council had no choice but to commence court proceedings, and the man was fined £400 plus £350 costs. The council reinforced the message that they would take action against anyone disposing of waste incorrectly.

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A council in Accrington, Lancashire, has been forced to apologise to disgruntled residents after footage of a mechanical sweeper failing to pick up litter was shared on social media.

The footage shows the sweeper simply brushing the rubbish to one side rather than picking any litter up. Residents had to tidy up the rubbish themselves after it was left there for a whole week. They collected 12 bags of litter in total from the area, which is fast becoming a rubbish blackspot.

The council stated that they would be speaking to the driver and taking the appropriate action.