Rubbish Roundup 3rd October

Rubbish Roundup – 3rd October 2016


  • Campaigners from the Real Junk Food Project have opened the first supermarket solely stocking goods that have been thrown away by other shops. The pricing policy operates on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis.
  • An Anglican priest in Nigeria has posed for pictures in front of a pile of rubbish, to mark the country’s fifty-sixth anniversary since gaining independence. He did so to highlight the government’s failure to effectively deal with refuse.
  • Rob Greenfield, from New York, has pledged to wear a ‘trash suit’, made up of all of the rubbish he discards over a one-month period, in order to highlight the amount of waste people produce. It is predicted that the suit will weigh 135 pounds.
  • Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service have finally left the scene of a rubbish fire in Rugeley, which burned for three weeks. The fire was made up of over one thousand tonnes of waste, which primarily consisted of shredded wood.
  • Three people in South Tyneside have been fined for failing to clear rubbish from their gardens. This followed their failure to comply with notices served under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act. A council spokesman said, “There are clear health risks when people fail to clear up their rubbish.”
  • New research in Australia suggests that disadvantaged neighbourhoods, where levels of education and employment are lower than average, suffer disproportionately high rates of litter and fly-tipping.
  • Twenty-seven volunteers have removed over two thousand items, weighing sixteen kilograms, from the shoreline at Seaton, Devon. They have been forwarded to the Marine Conservation Society, who are running a program aimed at reducing the amount of litter dropped on our coastline.

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