Rubbish Roundup

What Can I Do To Clean Up My Local Parks?

Clean Local Parks

Parks and green spaces became a lifeline for many of us during the national lockdowns. We walked, jogged, took the kids for a kickabout, some of us dropped litter. However, despite the need for safe, clean local parks, when lockdown eased, they were hard to come by. Councils spent tens of thousands of pounds trying to keep on top of the piles of litter that people left behind every day. However, it was a losing battle.

The good news is, you don’t have to be one of those people who complain about litter but does nothing about it. You can do your bit to clean up your local parks. Here’s how.

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Spring Rubbish Roundup: Litter Picking Heroes

Litter Picking
In this Spring rubbish roundup, we travel across the country to meet some of the litter heroes that have gone the extra mile to keep the UK tidy. Litter has long been a problem, but it has worsened since the easing of lockdown. But determined to keep our streets, parks and beauty spots clean, safe and healthy these people have become true litter picking heroes. 

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Smart Chips to Monitor Working from Home Recycling 

Working from home recycling
Not having to travel to work during the pandemic has been beneficial to the environment. However, while it’s true that less commuting has meant fewer carbon emissions, many of us have been creating more waste while working from home. Redcar and Cleveland Council is set to keep tabs on the amount of waste that’s being created while many people are working remotely by giving residents ‘smart’ recycling bins fitted with ID chips.

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Rubbish Roundup 22nd February

This weeks Rubbish Roundup features stories including two brothers who have raised money for their school by upcycling, and in Kent a schoolboy was so angry at the amount of rubbish that visitors left that he launched a clean up program

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Rubbish Roundup 11th January

This weeks rubbish roundup features stories including Oxfordshire district council extending their litter budget.  Research carried out showed that at the start of 2020 litterlouts were mainly males aged between 20-29 years old,and finally national park managers were not enjoying the increase numbers over the lockdown

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