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Greenpeace Launch a Spoof Coca Cola Christmas Ad

Evreyone is familiar with the Coca Cola ad at christmas, however Greenpeace has launched a spoof christmas ad which aims to highlight the sheer number of cans and bottles that end up in the ocean.  Greenpeace have made the ad because more plastic has been produced in the last 10 years than during the entire 20th century.  

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Litter Picking and the Couple Who Did it for Advent

We associate the word advent with every morning opening a door on a calendar all the way up to christmas day, but this couple in Wales decided to take a different approach, instead of opening a calendar door they decided to do a litter pick on the beaches and paths each day up to christmas.

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Dealing With Christmas Waste

Each christmas the amount of waste increase, whether it be more wrapping paper, food waste or just general unwanted presents and clothes, our list compiles ideas of what you can do rather than dispose and it ending up in landfill.

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