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Litter Heroes Who go the Extra Mile

All types of litter pickers aer heroes, but do we forget about the ones that go the extra mile and rarely get the attention they deserve, for example Fathoms Free are a volunteer group in Cornwall to help with the clean up at Port Gaverne, but not on the surface, they are doing an underwater beach clean.  Students at Plymouth University have received the backing from Great Western Railway with their efforts up cleaning up their area.  

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Sheffield Shows its Support

The Great British Spring Clean was started in 2015 to help clean up litter in their areas, 2 years later they have over 250,000 people get involved to clean up their areas.  The residents of Sheffield are signing up in their hundreds to help with the pick and go out in all weather to clean up their area, these are the real heroes. 

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Litter Picking and the Couple Who Did it for Advent

We associate the word advent with every morning opening a door on a calendar all the way up to christmas day, but this couple in Wales decided to take a different approach, instead of opening a calendar door they decided to do a litter pick on the beaches and paths each day up to christmas.

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