The UK's Litter Army

Top 5 Park Litter Bins 

Park Litter Bins 

Our parks have always been popular places. However, it took a couple of lockdowns for many of us to realise just how precious they are. Whether we’re resting or playing, it’s important that we keep our parks free from litter. Here’s our rundown of the top 5 park litter bins.

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Zero Waste Challenge for July and August: Sustainable Camping

Sustainable Camping
When you stock up at the supermarket for your sustainable camping trip, remember to avoid single-use items. Forgo the plastic bottles and cans for reusable water bottles, glass bottles, and flasks. If you intend to have a BBQ, avoid using a disposable one if you can. For lighting your BBQ, go all Bear Grylls and use natural firelighters like newspapers or twigs.

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Smart Chips to Monitor Working from Home Recycling 

Working from home recycling
Not having to travel to work during the pandemic has been beneficial to the environment. However, while it’s true that less commuting has meant fewer carbon emissions, many of us have been creating more waste while working from home. Redcar and Cleveland Council is set to keep tabs on the amount of waste that’s being created while many people are working remotely by giving residents ‘smart’ recycling bins fitted with ID chips.

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Best 10 Parks in the UK to Enjoy Post Lockdown

Best UK Parks
Our parks and green spaces were something that many of us took for granted before the lockdowns. But during the past year, they have represented freedom. An escape from the four walls, and a chance to exercise or sit and relax out in the fresh air. We are so lucky in the UK to have some amazing green spaces. Here’s our guide to the best UK parks to enjoy post lockdown.

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