Battery Bins

Stay compliant and environmentally responsible with our Battery Recycling Bins. Shops that sell batteries are legally required to provide safe storage solutions for used batteries in public areas. These bins are essential in locations like schools, shopping centres, workshops, offices, and other business premises where used batteries are disposed of. Our range offers plenty of choice when it comes to size, colour, and type and will ensure you are meeting your legal obligations.

Our battery bins are designed with both safety and convenience in mind. Equipped with tamperproof lids, they provide a secure storage solution for used batteries, preventing any potential leakages and associated hazards.

These bins come in various sizes, from compact 3-litre options suitable for small businesses to more extensive 52-litre models for high-traffic areas. No matter the size, each bin helps to make battery recycling and sorting efficient and easy.

Choosing our Battery Recycling Bins means you're not just fulfilling a legal obligation; you're actively contributing to a cleaner, greener future. Make the responsible choice for your business and the environment by incorporating our battery bins into your waste management strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put batteries in my normal bin?

Unfortunately not, batteries contain hazardous materials and are a huge fire risk. Simply pop your used batteries into a bag and take them with you on your next shopping trip. All major supermarkets will have a battery recycling bin at the front of the store.

Does my business require a battery bin?

There is no legal requirement to recycle batteries, unless you sell more than 32kg of batteries per year. This roughly equals 4 AA batteries per day for a full year. If you sell this amount then you need to have a battery recycling point and accept all batteries. Not just the ones you sell.

Failure to do so could lead to a £5000 fine.

We supply battery recycling bins from 3 litres all the way to 52 litres and our team can help you choose a battery recycling point that is suitable to your business.

I want to set up a battery recycling point in my community, what do I need?

Good Question. Community centres, workplaces, sports halls and other community venues are a great place to set up a battery recycling point.  Creating an easy access hub is a simple way to improve your local communities recycling. 

You would need a secure battery recycling bin that will hold the batteries safely until they are collected. It is also important to think about how they will be processed after the bin is full. Does you standard waste collector accept them or will they need to be taken to a local recycling point?

Our range of battery recycling bins can feature child proof locks and sizes that are suitable for every environment, while our team will be happy to provide advice where we can. 

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