Indoor School Bins

Our Indoor School Bins will have your classrooms, assembly halls, and hallways looking neat and tidy in no time. Specifically designed for use in child-friendly zones, our hardwearing rubbish receptacles are finished in bright colours and fun designs that will appeal to all youngsters, from toddlers all the way up to teens.

Animal Shaped Recycling Bins, Stackable Bins, Mushroom Shaped Bins, Pencil Shaped Bins and Smiley Face Bins are just some of the models you can expect to find in our Indoor School Bins collection, and with sizes ranging from 30 to 90 litres, there is something to suit every school within this comprehensive range.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colour bins are for what waste type?

Generally speaking the majority of schools and businesses follow the WRAP recycling colour scheme. This uses the following colours for major waste streams.
Mixed Recycling - Lime Green
Paper - Blue
Cans - Grey
Plastics - Red
Glass - Aqua
Food Waste - Green
General Waste - Black/White
Batteries - Pink

What is the best indoor school bin?

In our opinion and based on what we sell the most of, the best large indoor school bin would be our 90 litre indoor bin

The most popular small indoor school bin would be our 30 litre open top bin

Our most popular novelty indoor school bin would be the Smiley face bin. We have a huge selection of other novelty bins like the emoji, frog buddy and animal kingdom series.

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