Secure Shopping

At LitterBins we aim to ensure that all customers who are purchasing from our website have the utmost confidence we have implemented the strictest security measures to the highest industry standards. To start with, you enter no payment information on our website, all payments are handled by Stripe.  We have chosen Stripe because they are one of the largest growing payment providers in the UK, every transaction with Stripe is completely encrypted so nobody here at LitterBins, Stripe or anyone else can see any of the sensitive data.

When taking orders over the phone we enter this information in exactly the same way as you would if you went through to Stripe yourself. All information is entered directly on Stripe's secure site and is completely encrypted.

We do also take payment via bacs, cheque or PayPal should this be a more preferable method of paying.

As with everything if you do have any problems, questions or just a little advice please contact us