Grit Bins: A Guide

Grit Bins: A Guide

If you’re a driver, you’ve probably seen those bright yellow bins appearing by the roadside in the winter months. Yes, the humble grit bin has an important job to do in keeping our roads safe. So what exactly is a grit bin, who’s responsible for them, and how can you request one? Read our guide.

What is a Grit Bin?

A grit bin is a large (usually) bright yellow bin made of heavy-duty plastic. No doubt you’ve seen one on the side of a road or maybe even in your neighbourhood.

What Are Grit Bins For?

Grit bins are containers that store a combination of rock salt and grit. This is spread on roads and paths in the winter to stop them from freezing. When the temperature is around -6 to -8 degrees Celsius, salt prevents dangerous ice from forming on roads and pathways. 

Who is Responsible for a Grit Bin?

In the UK, councils are responsible for about 225,000 miles of road, so they are responsible for grit bins too. That’s not to say that they grit all roads. This would be far too costly and impractical in some locations. In these cases, city, town, and borough councils work with parish councils, community groups, and farmers to grit these areas. Find your local council here.

Are Grit Bins for Public Use?

Yes and no. If there’s a grit bin in your area, you can treat public roads and pavements with the grit. However, you aren’t allowed to use it to clear your own driveway or a private road. It goes without saying that you can’t take grit from the bin and sell it, either. If you want a grit bin for your business or home, you’ll have to buy one privately.

How Can I Request a Grit Bin?

Are there no grit bins in your community but there’s a hazardous spot where accidents or falls always occur come winter? You can request a grit bin from your local council. You can also ask for a local grit bin to be restocked, though councils usually have their own restocking schedule.

When Should I Use a Grit Bin?

Ideally, make use of a grit bin as soon as snow, frost, or ice is forecast. Once there’s already snow on the ground, grit won’t be as effective.

How to Use a Grit Bin

  • Use a shovel and wear gloves to protect your hands.
  • If there’s already snow on the ground, clear as much as you can before putting down the grit.
  • Spread the grit evenly across the surface. If it’s a road, aim for where cars will drive over it. This will help spread the grit across the road.

Be Prepared for Whatever Winter Throws at You

The best way to prepare for whatever the winter weather throws at you is to invest in a grit bin. Are you a local authority buyer looking for quality durable grit bins? Or a business owner who wants to keep your premises safe over winter? There’s something for you in our range.

Take our Large Grit Bin. Made in the UK from tough glass-reinforced plastic, this is the ultimate durable winter salt container. With an impressive capacity of 308 litres, there’s plenty of room to store the grit you need to see you through the sub-zero temperatures.

Want to keep high-traffic areas like supermarkets, public car parks, schools, hospitals, and busy working environments safe? This grit bin is a sound investment. Need advice on buying a grit bin or any other litter bin in our range? Get in touch with our friendly expert sales team who’ll be happy to help. For more interesting articles on all things litter bins, check out the rest of our blog.