Rubbish Roundup 7th May

Litter has been nailed to a wooden board in Selby to raise awareness of how long different types of waste can take to decompose. The move is part of the council’s Don’t be a Waster – Reduce, Reuse, Respect campaign, and the results are set to be monitored and shared on social media. The council say that they want to clear up any misconceptions about how long it takes certain types of litter to decompose, and they plan to share how the litter is changing every month. The council are working with the waste firm Amey on the project, and the company say that they want to encourage people to do the right thing by disposing of litter properly or taking it home with them.


Despite the introduction of new penalties for throwing rubbish from cars, it’s still a huge problem. Stockton Borough Council are having to carry out a big litter clean up along a stretch of the A66. The work has been given the green light by Highways England, and the stretch of road is set to be closed for 3 nights. The council say that because the road is a national speed limit road, they’re only allowed to carry out clean ups when the road is closed for maintenance. Litter teams have done some extra safety training to make sure they’re able to access the roadside safely.


The supermarket Aldi has banned Kingdom litter enforcers from its sites in Merseyside and has said they will remove any officers who are seen on their property. Aldi made the decision after customers complained of their ‘bullying’ behaviour. Asda has already banned Kingdom from their sites in Liverpool and a Sainsbury’s store in the area has also followed suit.

Kingdom have litter enforcement contracts with Liverpool and Wirral councils, and they’ve had a lot of criticism for their tactics and behaviour.

Aldi were forced to act after a resident complained in writing about the company to their CEO. The company responded to the resident by saying that Aldi don’t use Kingdom to look after their car parks in the Wirral, and if officers were operating on their premises, they did not have consent. They also informed the resident that officers would be removed from their property. The resident said she was delighted with Aldi’s response and said she had contacted other businesses in the area who had told her the same thing.