Top 10 Touch Bins

Top 10 Touch Bins

Most of us are that bit more hygiene conscious these days. Does the thought of coming into contact with bin germs make you shudder? Invest in a touch bin for your workplace or home and make waste disposal that bit more hygienic.

Top 10 Touch Bins

Eko Sensor Bin

Want a great touch bin for your family kitchen?  You’ve got it. The kids’ sticky fingers aren’t a match for its fingerprint-proof technology. The lift-off lid and easy-clip mechanism makes for fast bag changing and cleaning when you’re in a hurry. The bin opens with the wave of a hand. Add to that the generous capacity that saves endless trips to the wheelie bin. This might just be the perfect family bin. Check it out here.

Simplehuman Touch-Bar Duo Litter Bin

This bin is proof that a generous capacity doesn’t need to mean a bulky bin. It’s got two separate 24-litre compartments for recycling and household waste. However, it’s slim enough to do justice to your contemporary kitchen. 

Brabantia Eco-Friendly Twin Bin  

If you’re savvy about cutting down on food waste, this touch bin is for you. It has two compartments, one for general waste and another for compostable food waste. When you’re disposing of food waste, keeping your bin clean is a concern. The last thing you want is the smell of rotting food debris wafting through your kitchen. Not a problem you’ll have with this bin. It’s got removable plastic inner liners you can wash with regular antibacterial detergent. Find out more about this two compartment bin!

Hailo BigBox Touch

Need a heavy-duty but hygienic bin for your workplace kitchen? Here’s the answer to your prayers. Made from the finest quality steel, it not only looks good but it’s practical and durable too. Oh, and its one-touch lid opening helps keep things hygienic. It's essential for a busy workplace. 

Brabantia Touch Sanitary Bin

Hygiene is the main concern in any workplace washroom. That’s why you need a touch bin that opens and closes with the lightest touch. Add fingerprint-proof technology and an inner plastic bucket that makes it easy to empty and clean. You’ve got a workplace washroom winner.

Simplehuman Butterfly Sensor Bin    

If you love gadgets, you’ll love this bin. Innovative multi-sense technology means you can open and close it with the wave of a hand. Genius. Less bin touching means a more hygienic home or office. A plastic inner liner with an odour filter prevents any nasty smells from escaping. Hygiene meets technology meets style sums this bin up.

Simplehuman Slim Touch Bar Litter Bin  

Want a touch bin that looks the part and saves space? Here it is. Its slim design is ideal as office bins or for homes with limited floor space. This bin also has fingerprint-proof technology and a touch-sensitive aperture for superior hygiene. Another bonus; there’s a built-in bag tuck system to hide your bin liner. You don’t want a rubbish bag sticking out and cramping your style.

EKO Touch Bin  

For affordable style and hygienic waste disposal, you can’t go wrong with this bin. Its contemporary square design and touch-opening lid mechanism make it a stylish and practical choice for any home or workplace.

Brabantia Flat Top 30 Litre Litter Bin

If you’ve got chrome kitchen accessories, this touch bin is your perfect match. However it doesn’t just look great, it’s hugely practical for the home and office. Space-saving? Check. Hygienic and built to keep odours at bay? Check. 

Brabantia Semi-Circle Touch Bin

Proof that good things come in small packages. This bin is a great choice for small kitchens and smaller workplaces. Its semi-circular design means you can position it against a wall, cupboard, or desk to save precious floor space. The lid opens and closes with one touch and the plastic inner liner makes it super easy to empty and clean.

Smaller doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing style, either. This popular touch bin is available in three different finishes to fit in perfectly with your surroundings. Have we made your touch bin buying decision any easier? We hope so. Whatever your needs, if you want a hygienic, stylish, and practical bin, there’s something for you in our range. For more interesting articles on all things bins, check out the rest of our blog.