Choosing the Right Bins for Your Home

Choosing the Right Bins for Your Home

                                  Choosing the right bins for your home

If you have been deliberating which bins are suitable for your home; we can offer you some top tips and advice. There are a range of different bins to choose from, in a number of different styles. Which one would you prefer? Take a read below:

1. Pedal bin

Pedal bins are opened by pressing the foot on the lever at the bottom of the bin. These types of bins are usually bought for kitchens and are a great way of preventing germs from spreading. You don’t have to touch the bin at all to open it, which is great for those who really have a fear of germs! Pedal bins are often slim and round; therefore, you won’t be able to stuff a great deal of rubbish into them. They useful however if your hands are full and you need to open the bin quickly.  

2. Touch bin

A touch bin is activated by pressing the lid down and allowing it to spring back up. Again, this style of bin is most commonly used within kitchens. One of the real advantages is that they are tightly sealed, therefore smells are less likely to release, apart from when it is opened. Also, due to having to press to so hard on the lid, the bin can’t open accidently or spill, should it get knocked over. If you don’t mind touching the bin to open it, this could be a great option for you.


3.  Swinging bin

Swinging bins are another option to consider for your kitchen. The great thing about this style of bin is that they are easily accessible. You don’t necessary have to touch the bin in order to open it, but you can use something else to prod the lid if you don’t want to spread germs! One of the key advantages would be the benefit for those who are ill or disabled. Litter can be disposed of quickly and with little effort, as no real movement is required to drop in the rubbish.

4.  Automatic bin

One of the most popular forms of bins is the automatic bin; perhaps otherwise known as the sensor bin. If you require a bin that is much more upmarket than the other options available, you won’t find one more specialised than a sensor bin! Again, the advantage behind these bins are that germs are unlikely to spread as no touching is required. All that is needed is the wave of the hand and the sensor will acknowledge this. Often, automatic buns will need to have their batteries replaced quite regularly which is something to take into consideration, but is highly worth the cost.


5. Wastepaper bin

Wastepaper bins are usually used for bedrooms or offices within the home. Only light waste should be disposed of within these bins; and not food waste. This is due to wastepaper bins not usually having lids to conceal. There are many different forms of wastepaper bins; some may have swinging lids or be completely open. It doesn’t really matter what you choose, as germs and smells are somewhat minimal if you dispose the correct forms of rubbish within your wastepaper bin.