The Christmas Litter Angels Tackling a Growing Problem

The Christmas Litter Angels Tackling a Growing Problem

The Christmas Litter Angels Tackling a Growing Problem

It seems like every day we hear of litter louts, fly-tippers, or wheelie bin arsonists, but this Christmas, we want to tell you about some of the people who are working selflessly to tackle the scourge of litter.

Litter pickers in Barry, Wales

The ‘Friends of Barry Beaches’ will be doing their annual Boxing Day litter pick at the Knap beach in Barry. Everyone is welcome, and volunteers can get treated to a mince pie after all of their hard work. The group carry out regular litter clearing events to keep their local beaches clean and healthy.

The Gap year student who’ll be picking litter on Christmas day

A student from Cumbria will be litter picking in a local beauty spot on Christmas day. She’s raising money for a charity that aims to inspire young people in the UK and overseas to work to better their communities and those in the developing world. She aims to raise £800 that will help to send volunteers to disadvantaged communities in developing countries. As well as litter picking at a local beauty spot, she’ll also be in the town centre, and she’s hoping that the fact she’s doing it on Christmas day will attract more attention.

She has been raising money by advertising her good deed in local shops, making biscuits and giving paid lifts to her friends.

The 7-year-old litter warrior

A 7-year-old boy from Oxford is a one-man anti-litter campaign. He spends his afternoons clearing roadside rubbish, his summer holidays clearing rubbish off the beach, and he’s planning to go to Alton Towers next year; to pick up litter.

Alton Towers agreed to let him litter pick on site after he was upset that crowds visiting a fireworks display left huge amounts of litter behind.

On a recent family holiday to Bournemouth, he insisted on getting involved in a beach cleaning event, and he busied himself removing litter for 4 hours!

His mum added that when they were stuck in traffic, he reprimanded someone who discarded their rubbish on the street!

The plucky 7-year-old said that he likes the natural world and animals, and he doesn’t want people to spoil it with litter.

And it’s not only litter that is his concern, he announced on his 5th birthday that he was becoming a vegetarian.

He was given a litter picker and some rubbish sacks as a Christmas gift, and he uses them to clean up the roadsides around Oxford. One motorist was so impressed with his job that he gave him a high-vis jacket so that he would be safe on the roadside.

The boy and his mum are appealing for anyone who is interested in assisting with their efforts to contact them through the Oxford Mail.