Fly Tipping and Dumping Awareness

Fly Tipping and Dumping Awareness

Fly Tipping and Dumping Awareness

Fly tipping is becoming an extremely serious situation within the UK and the government are now cracking down on those who wish ir rubbish illegally.

If you don’t know anything about fly tipping, it is essentially the choice of disposing rubbish in places such as parks, on the road and out of the car window to name just a few. Not only does this relate to small amounts of litter, but also larger items which can’t be placed in litter bins such as mattresses and furniture.

One of the reasons why it has become illegal is not essentially down to spoiling gorgeous places, but also down to the cost. The government spends millions of pounds each year clearing up rubbish from the streets, and have now brought in large fines for those who are caught in the act. If you think you’re in need of a larger bin or hoping to buy a number of bins for your waste requirements, this option would be much cheaper thousands of pounds in fines.

According to a recent news headline, Manchester alone spent £1 million resolving fly tipping issues between early 2016/2017. Due to draining the Rochdale canal, there appeared to be thousands of pieces of litter on the bed. The Manchester council also reported that over £30,000 worth of fines were given out last year alone as well as around 51 prosecutions. There have been claims made by the council that fines don’t seem to be doing the trick – if rubbish and waste needs disposed of, it’ll be achieved in any way possible.

One councillor located in Manchester named Pat Karney claimed – “You are getting regular and serious perpetrators. These fines need looking at - we need to jail these people who are spoiling the environment for all of us."

Another vital reason why you shouldn’t decide on fly tipping is the impact it has on the environment. When waste is dumped amongst nature, the likelihood is that animals will become infected by waste containing germs and also become trapped on the regular occasion. Chemicals and paint may leak into lakes and rivers, causing harm to animals who mainly reside in the water.

If you notice anyone fly-tipping, please report their behaviour to your local council. You’ll be doing your bit to preserve the environment and keep animals safe from harm. There are many ways you can do this. One option would be to take a browse online to find a contact form or call your local helpline. If you’re passionate about the welfare of your community, make a difference today.