Limerick's Gum Litter Taskforce Launches Education Campaign

Limerick's Gum Litter Taskforce Launches Education Campaign

Limerick’s Gum Litter Taskforce
Launches Education Campaign


The Mayor of Limerick launched an education campaign on behalf of the Gum Litter Taskforce (GLT) this week. The GLT encourages people to dispose of chewing gum correctly through an education and awareness campaign, and it appears to be working.

The latest national litter figures show that the amount of chewing gum dropped as litter has fallen from 15% to 8% in the past year.  

GLT research found that 86% of people now disposed of their gum correctly, compared with only 54% in 2006 when the campaign began.

The Mayor described the GLT as a fantastic initiative for people to get involved in and he said that each year, more and more people are coming together to reduce the amount of chewing gum litter in their communities.

The chairman of the GLT said that since 2007, the campaign has managed to change a lot of people’s attitudes towards chewing gum litter, and this has led to them changing their behaviour when it comes to disposing of it. He said that the GLT is committed to continuing their fight to remove chewing gum litter from Limerick’s streets completely.

The launch of their latest education campaign is part of a wider national campaign called ‘Bin It!’ which includes advertising to increase awareness and a schools education programme.

Mars Ireland is backing the campaign as they own the Wrigley chewing gum brand, and the GLT is largely funded by industry. But no matter how the campaign is funded, it could not have been successful without the active participation of local authorities who have endeavoured to raise awareness among the general public.

The 2018 campaign is the first in a three-year cycle of education, awareness and practical action anti-litter campaigns that started as a result of an agreement between the Department of the Environment and Food Drink Ireland (FDI), who are representing the gum industry.