Hubbub Steps Up Its #LoveYourForest Campaign

Hubbub Steps Up Its #LoveYourForest Campaign

Hubbub Steps Up Its #LoveYourForest Campaign

The environmental charity Hubbub has launched an ‘Inspiration Guide’ as part of the latest push in its #LoveYourForest campaign.

The guide includes plenty of tips and inspirational ideas for councils, community groups, and pretty much anyone, who wants to run their own #LoveYourForest campaign in their local woodland.

Campaign successes

The #LoveYourForest campaign was originally launched 2016 in the Forest of Dean, and there has been a rollout of different activities and campaigns every since aimed at encouraging visitors to take their litter home with them. One of the most popular initiatives was the ‘Communitrees’ project, where local school children made ‘faces’ from recycled materials which were put on the trees to remind people not to litter. It led to a considerable reduction in littering.

Since the campaign started, 11,000 people including school children and people from local businesses have collected more than 800 bags of litter.

Spreading the anti-littering message

The aim of the Inspiration Guide is to spread the campaign’s message further than the Forest of Dean to other rural woodlands. Hubbub’s CEO said that it had been able to be really creative in the Forest of Dean and that the campaign had proven to be a huge success and had engaged many people. He added now that it knows what works, it wants to spread the anti-littering message further.    

A Forest of Dean councillor commented that #LoveYourForest is an excellent initiative that has involved the whole community in tackling the litter problem. He added that because the campaign is fun, it’s been much more engaging for residents and visitors to the area.

The council say it hopes that #LoveYourForest will result in a clear reduction in the amount of litter being dropped for it to collect.

Litter Picking

Hubbub helps councils tackle litter

It costs councils £682 million per year to clean up litter, and Hubbub is doing its absolute best to help them combat the UK’s litter problem.

Hubbub has previously run campaigns such as the #PlasticFishing project, which collects litter from the UK’s waterways using boats made from 99 per cent recycled plastic, and the #LeedsByExample initiative, in partnership with Leeds City Council which encourages people to recycle on the go.

If you’d like to find out more about the #LoveYourForest campaign, visit Hubbub’s website here.