Litter Innovation Fund Helps Communities to Tackle Litter

Litter Innovation Fund Helps Communities to Tackle Litter

‘Litter Innovation Fund’ Helps Communities to Tackle Litter 


A number of community projects have been awarded funding from the government to help them tackle litter. Councils, charities, businesses, and other public projects were awarded a total of £125,000 from the so-called ‘Litter Innovation Fund’ to help them tackle litter in their communities.

Projects range from developing seagull proof bins to working with river users to combat plastic pollution.

The funding is part of the overall government Litter Strategy for England and it coincides with the launch of their 25-year Environment Plan.

Environment minister welcomes the projects

The Environment Minister said that the new projects will reduce the amount of litter on the streets, in parks, in our countryside and in waterways. She encouraged everyone to do their bit; to take responsibility for their litter and to recycle more.

The Communities Minister said that the Litter Innovation Fund was part of their wider strategy to reduce litter and to leave a cleaner environment for the next generation.


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Government strategy

The government has recently announced a range of new measures to tackle litter and plastic pollution, including extending the 5p plastic bag charge to small retailers and introducing a ban on plastic microbeads in products.

The Chancellor is considering taxing single-use plastic items to reduce the huge amount of waste they contribute, and he is also expected to announce extra funding for businesses and universities to develop new technologies that might help eliminate ‘avoidable plastic waste’. This is another government target which has been set for 2042.

The litter innovation fund

The Litter Innovation Fund was set up as part of the Government’s Litter Strategy for England which was launched in April last year and is overseen by the non-profit sustainability charity WRAP. A total of £450,000 is up for grabs by community projects and the next round of funding is going to be awarded soon.