Pet Waste: Where Do You Dispose of it in the Home

Pet Waste: Where Do You Dispose of it in the Home

Pet Waste: Where Do You Dispose of it in the Home?

If you have pets, one of the nightmares is not knowing where to dispose of their waste. The obvious thing to do would to dispose of it down the toilet, however this would mean bringing it into the house, which is extremely unhygienic. The only option left is to dispose of it in your bin – where your food and other household waste is also disposed of.

Due to the fact that bin collections occur less and less frequently, knowing where to put it all can be a real headache. Bin collections are usually every fortnight, meaning rubbish is stored in bins for twice as long as it was left for previously and therefore creates rather unpleasant smells when having to open and close it to dispose of everyday waste.

Another option would be to dispose of pet waste into a bin bag, as this seems to be the easiest solution, however they are extremely easy to rip and could cause unwanted spillages. Then, where do you put the bin bag when its full? It seems to be a vicious cycle that needs to be broken.
Leaving  your bin bag out in the open without being concealed may cause unwanted attraction from flies, maggots and other unwanted pests, which infest outside or inside of your property.

So, what do you do?

One thing which may help is purchasing an outdoor bin dedicated to your pet waste, so you no longer have to dispose of it in the same bin as food and other household waste. Disposing of pet waste in the same bin can cause your bins to become full quickly and exposes your food bins to revolting smells and possible infestation, which could cause a number of other issues.

Buying another exterior bin could provide huge benefits for you, therefore it’s certainly worth looking into. For one, having a bin dedicated to pet waste prevents hazards or dangers associated with loose excess waste.

If you’d be interested in having an exterior bin for pet waste, check out some of our bin solutions available on our website:

  1. Wheelie bin

If you’re looking for a normal wheelie bin to do the job, we have a wide range in stock. Adding an extra wheelie bin to store pet waste until collection would be a great idea.

  1. Galvanized Steel Dust Bin - 70 & 90 Litre 

A popular option would be one of these large metal bins so you can easily distinguish which bin to place your pet waste into. These are a lot more attractive than wheelie bins, but of course have no wheels to get rid of waste easily. It all depends on preference.

    3. Hailo Solid 18-Litre Galvanised Pedal Bin

If you’re looking for a premium and attractive option, this novelty bin certainly won’t disappoint. It features a pedal, meaning your bin is secure from unwanted pests and also has a self-closing lid to keep odours under wraps.