Solar Powered Bins Set to Combat Litter in North East Lincolnshire

Solar Powered Bins Set to Combat Litter in North East Lincolnshire

Solar Powered Bins Set to Combat
Litter in North East Lincolnshire

Litter bins in Grimsby and Cleethorpes are set to be replaced with bigger ones, and some of them will be fitted with solar powered waste compactors.

North East Lincolnshire Council Cabinet has approved the plans to install the bins that can compress rubbish inside of them and so increase their capacity.

Some bins are being removed as part of the plans, but the council hopes that because the new ones have a larger capacity, they’ll help to reduce the amount of litter on the streets.

Litter bin review

The plans to introduce the new bins have come about following a North East Lincolnshire Council Litter Bin Review, which discussed options for replacing and upgrading litter bins.

The options discussed in the review included:

  • Do nothing and keep the current bins.
  • Replace the existing bins with new bins that were similar in capacity.
  • Replace and upgrade litter bins and provide them in the right size and locations to meet current needs. This option would also reduce repair and maintenance costs associated with the older bins.

The council decided on the third option and almost every existing litter bin will be replaced by a bin with a solar powered compactor and an electronic tag to monitor usage. It is hoped that this will help the council target waste collections more efficiently.

The new plans will also see steel wall-mounted cigarette litter bins being installed at businesses across North East Lincolnshire.

The councillor for Environment, Transport and Energy, said that the new scheme will reduce littering and also save the council money in the future as the new bins will be more durable and will require less maintenance. He added that many of the bins currently being used in North East Lincolnshire are not fit for purpose and are in urgent needs of replacement.

No more overflowing seaside bins

Overflowing bins on the seaside at popular resorts like Cleethorpes have also been an issue, especially at busy times like bank holidays. The council hopes that the installation of the solar powered bins will change this for the better.

The council has had some help from opposition councillors to develop the plans and it says it’s delighted that different parties can work together for the good of the community.