The Waste Less, Live More Challenge

The Waste Less, Live More Challenge

The Waste Less, Live More Challenge


Keep Britain tidy’s annual campaign, Waste Less, Live More has come around again. From the 19th-25th September, the initiative will bring together people and organisations, to take part in activities which are good for them and the environment. The aims of the campaign are to encourage us to rethink how we live our lives, and to reduce our environmental impact while living happy lives.

The waste less part of the campaign focuses on the fact that the average family in the UK throws away £700 worth of food each year that could be eaten.

101 ways to waste less

As part of this year’s campaign, the organisers have created a list of 101 ways to change your life by wasting less.

The most popular challenges

Have a zero waste lunch

When you buy your lunch from a shop, it tends to come with a lot of packaging. Pledge to make your own lunches for one week, and pack them into reusable containers

Get creative with cooking

Get together with friends to see who can cook the best dish made from leftovers and what you already have in your cupboards.

Upcycle old clothing

Upcycle your old t-shirts to make cushion covers, and make sock puppets from all those odd socks you keep meaning to get rid of. All it takes is a bit of imagination.

Eat what’s in season

Seasonal fruit and vegetables are often cheaper and better for environment. Shop at your local market where possible for the best deals on locally grown produce.

Buy nothing for a day

Can you remember the last day when you went a whole day without buying anything? Save yourself some money and the planet by making do with what you already have.

Use reusable bags

Invest in a bag for life or a fashionable canvas shopper to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the environment and takes an age to break down.

Go meat-free

Bulk out your meals with fibre-rich foods like beans and use all your leftover vegetables and salad to make a delicious, healthy, and environmentally-friendly meal.

Swish your clothes

Swap items of unwanted clothing with your friends or workmates to get a whole new outfit for absolutely nothing!

Get a doggy bag

If you’re eating out, ask for a doggy bag for any leftovers from your meal to stop it going to waste. Most restaurants massively overserve portions anyway, and you’ll just have to heat the food up the next day.

Get involved in your community

Volunteer with a local charity or an environment specific organisation like Friends of the Earth to give something back to your local community, and the planet!