The World’s Greenest Cities Series: Oslo

The World’s Greenest Cities Series: Oslo

The World’s Greenest Cities Series: Oslo

Oslo is the most recent recipient of the European Green Capital accolade, and for good reason. The city is all about people and businesses working together towards sustainability, from the restaurants that serve local organic produce to the city planners and property developers who are constantly on the search for green solutions.

Here are just some of the reasons why Oslo is such a green city.

The green food scene

Many restaurants in Oslo have ‘green menus.’ They’re often free from meat, and they use locally grown organic produce. The city is also big on reducing food waste. One restaurant called Restaurant Rest uses ‘reject’ foods to make its dishes. Think weirdly shaped carrots, and other perfectly edible foods that would ordinarily be rejected for being slightly imperfect.

The green spaces

Oslo has a lot of green space which is perfect for relaxing in, cycling, or walking.

It’s big on second hand and vintage shops

Oslo is big on repairing and reusing, so there are plenty of second hand and vintage shops where you can find plenty of treasures that won’t hurt your pocket or the environment. Flea markets and clothing swaps are also very popular.

It makes repair fun

Giving old items a new lease of life is great for the planet, and Oslo has some repair shops that combine repairs with the chance to enjoy some good food and drink. There’s a bike shop which doubles as a wine bar and another that offers pizza, wine, and cocktails!

Travelling on two wheels is popular

Cycling is very popular in Oslo and it’s a great way to get around the city. There are also 250 stations around the city where you can hire a bike from.

There are plenty of green hotels

If hotels want to call themselves eco-friendly in Oslo, they have to meet some pretty strict criteria. They must get rid of waste sustainably, demonstrate that they have measures in place to save water and energy, and use eco-friendly suppliers. If you’re planning a visit, you can check for hotels that are certified eco-friendly here.