Top 10 Designer Bins for the Workplace or Home

Top 10 Designer Bins for the Workplace or Home

Top 10 Designer Bins for the Workplace & Home


Until recent years, a kitchen bin was something that we hid from view behind a cupboard door or under the sink, but with more and more of the world’s leading homeware designers adding rubbish receptacles to their new collections, the humble bin has transformed from an everyday essential into an object of beauty.

Elegantly crafted from the finest quality materials, the bins of today are designed to complement modern family kitchens and add a touch of class to contemporary workspaces, and if you are looking for a designer bin to finish off your interior design project, there are some fabulous options available from the likes of Simplehuman, Hailo, Wesco and Brabantia.

Designer Bins for Kitchens & Offices

When it comes to choosing a designer rubbish bin for the workplace or home, one needs to take into account a number of important issues such as shape, size, aperture, and colour.  Floor space can be limited in many modern kitchens, which is why designers have come up with a range of space-saving slimline receptacles to complement every room.

Larger offices and family kitchens can take advantage of the many Twin Bins and Multiple Compartment Recycling Bins available, they come in numerous sizes and designs, and most are equipped with removable liners and a range of innovative features to make recycling and waste disposal a breeze.

  1. Wesco Classic Kickboy Binkickboy

Made by German Brand Wesco, a leading manufacturer of household goods, the Wesco Classic Kickboy Bin is a vintage inspired masterpiece with great detailing and an authentic retro design that will add character to every kitchen.  Available in variety of sizes to complement every home, this bullet shaped receptacle comes in seven attractive colours including silver, lemon yellow and almond.

  1. Simplehuman Butterfly Pedal Bin

Suitable for use in both the workplace and home, the Simplehuman Butterfly Pedal Bin features a unique aperture that opens from the centre, much like butterfly wings, to facilitate waste disposal. Equipped with patented Lid Shox Technology, this designer kitchen bin is guaranteed to function smoothly for years to come.

  1. Brabantia Touch Semi-Round Litter Bin

Purchased by millions of people worldwide, the Brabantia Touch Semi-Round Litter Bin features a space-saving half circle design that allows it to be positioned against kitchen worktops and desks.  Equipped with Brabantia’s innovative soft touch lid that opens and closes with the touch of a finger, it is available in a variety of sizes and colours to complement every room.

    1. Hailo T2.20 Pedal Bin

Hailo has been making quality waste bins since 1947, and their experience shows in every item they produce. The Hailo T2.20 Pedal Bin is a tall, streamline receptacle with impeccable styling and a modern design that will complement all kitchens and office spaces. Available in range of colour options including Copper, Gold, and Fingerprint Proof Stainless Steel, this designer bin is the perfect choice for contemporary interiors.

  1. EKO™ Ecosmart Sensor Bin

Described by the brand as the “intelligent choice”, the EKO™ Ecosmart Sensor Bin is equipped with the latest automatic sensor opening technology, which allows you to open it by simply waving your hand.  The hygienic choice for family kitchens, this smart designer bin self-closes after 5 seconds, so you never have to come into contact with the germs and bacteria often found on bin lids.

  1. Carro Kick Bin

A popular choice with kitchen designers, the Carro Kick Bin is stunning in its simplicity. Available in either stainless steel or powder coated aluminium, this square rubbish receptacle features a self-closing silent lid, a practical foot pedal mechanism for hands-free disposal, and it comes in four different sizes to complement every residential and commercial kitchen.

  1. Rubbermaid Step On Best Bin

Made by leading US manufacturer Rubbermaid, this stylish Step On Best Bin is specifically designed to cater for the elderly and people with MSDS. It features ergonomic handles for ease of movement, a large opening front door to prevent heavy lifting, and it has integrated wheels for added manoeuvrability.  Made from hard-wearing plastic, this practical pedal bin is a great choice for those with any kind of musculoskeletal disorders.

  1. decoDecobin Pedal Bin

If you are short on floor space, the Decobin Pedal Bin should be your number #1 choice.  Made from quality plastic with a metal look finish, it includes an inner plastic liner, an integrated foot pedal, and a contrasting lid and base to give it a real designer feel. Available in 5 litre and 20 litre options, it small enough to fit on any kitchen counter or bathroom floor.

  1. Brabantia Retro Pedal Bin

Available in three sizes, the Brabantia Retro Pedal Bin will add a touch of class to every household.  Manufactured from corrosion resistant materials, it features a robust foot mechanism for hygienic hands-free disposal, a plastic inner liner, a sturdy carrying handle, and a unique hinged lid that stays open if required, and closes silently after use. With its sleek dome shaped lid and a contemporary design, this designer pedal bin will complement every modern kitchen or bathroom.

  1. Hailo Trento Oko Trio 33

Designed to maximise space in modern family kitchens and contemporary office environments, the Hailo Trento Oko Trio 33 Recycling Station features three separate compartments within one outer shell.  Perfect for separating general household waste from everyday recyclables such as glass, plastics, and aluminium, this versatile recycling bin is available in range of attractive colours including Capri Blue, Raspberry, and Peppermint, and delivered with a 5-year manufacturers guarantee.

Kitchen and office bins are no longer something to hide out of view, but rather something to display with pride, and by investing in one of the latest designer rubbish receptacles from leading British, European and International brands, you can provide employees and family members with a hygienic disposal system that will complement your contemporary interiors.