Top 5 Bins for Universities

Top 5 Bins for Universities

                                               Top 5 Bins for University

Due to the thousands of staff and students working hard within universities every single day, there obviously tends to be a great deal of rubbish generated in all areas of the campus. Ensuring that there are enough litter bins around the campus to keep facilities tidy is essential rather than it being turned into a dumpsite both indoors and outdoors. With most universities averaging at around 20,000 students, this would most certainly be the case if there was a lack of waste management.

Here are the top 5 university bins that we believe would be suitable for any university campus:

Waste Baskets (pack of 4) - 18 Litre

Every classroom and lecture theatre within the university needs a simple waste bin. To prevent rubbish being left under tables and thrown elsewhere, it is an essential aspect to keep teaching rooms clean and tidy. These waste baskets that we have within our range come in a pack of 4, therefore do not need to be bought individually. Other bins may be necessary in corridors and in the dining hall, however waste baskets are generally good for study rooms where there is little space for huge waste bins and recycling bins. These waste baskets are light, therefore can be transported easily and can be simply lined with a bin bag to prevent leakage. There are various colours to match the interior of each classroom which we believe to be a great plus! Clean with detergent regularly to keep your bin hygienic, due to the amount rubbish that will be thrown into it each day.

MyBin Set of 5 Cardboard Bins with Your Choice of Lids - 60 Litre

If the university you are studying at or work for aims to go green, then this is an ideal solution to keep all students and staff in check to recycle on campus. These bins are made from recyclable materials themselves which is even more of a plus point! This set of 5 cardboard bins would be most beneficial in corridors where they are passed regularly or in communal areas such as lift areas or dining halls where rubbish is generated the most. Due to the fact that they are made from cardboard, they may need to be replaced very once in a while; yet this isn’t a problem as they are cheap and cheerful, but do the job. It would be a great way to try the recycling scheme rather than investing in expensive bins and finding out that it does not go as planned.

Classic External Litter Bin - 90 Litre

Every university campus needs outdoor litter bins to keep the area neat and tidy. It is unlikely that students have much time to separate out their rubbish on the way to lectures…especially if they have overslept halfway through their class and are in a hurry! A general litter bin would be the best option for outdoor areas. This classic external litter bin that we have in stock is the ultimate choice for any public area whether it be an indoor shopping centre or park, therefore you can’t go wrong as we supply to many public areas. Due to being made from very durable polyethylene, you needn’t worry about these bins getting damaged or requiring heavy maintenance. There are an amazing 19 colours to choose from to brighten up your university courtyard.

Blackboard Drinks Can Recycling Bin - 90 Litre

Add a funky touch to your dining room or canteen with these quirky drinks cans litter bins. They certainly won’t go unnoticed as they are shaped to look like drinks cans, sprawled with graffiti style writing. What is great about these bins is that they can be personalised with the recycling stickers of your choice, therefore dependant on the type of rubbish that is the most common within your university, you are can tailor to your own needs.

Twin Recycling Bin - 2 x 70 Litre Compartments

This twin recycling bin is another great option for corridors, staff rooms, offices or study rooms within universities where a lot of waste paper is generated, as well as cans from study and lunch breaks. This sturdy twin bin is made from 100% recycled polyethylene which means it is very easy to maintain and keep hygienic. You are able to secure to the floor with bolts if required; a good idea if you intend to place in corridors as there will be a heavy flow of people passing through each day and may end up getting knocked over….