Top Tips for a Cleaner Rubbish Bin

Top Tips for a Cleaner Rubbish Bin

Top Tips for a Cleaner Rubbish Bin

When it comes to cleaning your rubbish bin, the initial thought of it makes your skin crawl…correct? Now, you needn’t worry. We have a few top tips to ensure that your bin is always hygienic for the prevention of flies, maggots, germs and bacteria reproducing.

  • Empty your kitchen bin daily. Food that has been left to rot will intensify smells and will be more likely to attract flies. Keeping your bin clean on a regular basis will prevent the job becoming a hard task. Once your bin is empty, wipe down the inside with cleaning wipes, replace with a new bin bag and sprinkle bicarbonate of soda at the bottom, which is often used to soak up the moisture and reduce any odours.
  • Buy quality bin-bags that are a perfect fit for your bin. There is nothing worse than buying thin, undersized bags which will easily rip and cause spillages.
  • Use carrier bags to separate waste and double up on bags to keep strong odours contained. The lack of air ensures that decomposition occurs at a much slower pace. When your bin is ready to be emptied, remove the second bag and recycle for next time around.
  • Ensure that the lid of the bin is kept down at all times, therefore be sure not to overfill. Waste that is left out in the open is the ideal place for flies to lay their eggs which will cause an infestation of maggots. If you do notice any bugs of this sort, quickly empty the bin and disinfect to kill anything that may still remain.
  • Keep your bin out of the sun. Leaving your bin in direct sunlight will warm up the contents and create ghastly smells, especially if there are traces of meat. Germs will spread rapidly, therefore ensure that your bin is kept in a cool, dry area.


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Once you know how to keep your bin free from odours and microorganisms, understanding how to wash it out thoroughly is the next step of the cleaning process.

  • Whether you have a wheelie bin or kitchen bin, ensure that any remaining debris has been emptied out. Tip the bin upside down to ensure there is nothing left inside.
  • Then, place the bin on its side and rinse it out by hosing or using a pressure washer it to get rid of any grime that may be present.
  • Once you have done so, put the bin back into an upright position and fill halfway with warm, soapy water. Use a bristled brush or broom to rub around the inside of the bin to give it a good soaking.
  • Empty the water out of the bin and leave to dry.

Try not to ignore cleaning out your bin! Even if you do so thoroughly every couple of weeks, you will save yourself a great deal of trouble over time. There are many cleaning companies that will do the job for you, but if you are on a budget, the simple method above is just as effective and will save you money.

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