What Can I Do To Clean Up My Local Parks?

What Can I Do To Clean Up My Local Parks?

Parks and green spaces became a lifeline for many of us during the national lockdowns. We walked, jogged, took the kids for a kickabout, some of us dropped litter. However, despite the need for safe, clean local parks, when lockdown eased, they were hard to come by. Councils spent tens of thousands of pounds trying to keep on top of the piles of litter that people left behind every day. However, it was a losing battle.

The good news is, you don’t have to be one of those people who complain about litter but does nothing about it. You can do your bit to clean up your local parks. Here’s how.

Reach out to a ‘friends of’ group

Most parks have a group of volunteers who work behind the scenes to keep them clean and tidy. If you want access to clean local parks, why not see if your local park has a ‘friends of’ group? You’ll be able to get involved in everything from litter picking to planting trees and improving your local parks for everyone. In addition, you might be able to make some friends!

Want clean local parks? Get involved with a litter pick

Increasing numbers of people are joining in with organised litter picks or taking it upon themselves to clean up the areas they live in and love. Local councils often donate litter picking equipment to individuals and groups.

Why not get involved with a litter pick near you? Or even take a rubbish bag on your daily walk and pick some litter up on the way. Every little helps, you might just inspire others to follow suit.

Clean Local Parks

Take your litter home with you

Sunny days and picnics are a summer must. However, if you spend the day in the park, take your litter home with you. Even better, take reusable water bottles, flasks, and cutlery, and make your own food and snacks. The payoff? Far less waste and clean local parks.

Be a responsible dog owner if you want to have clean local parks

Parks and green spaces are not only great for us, our four-legged friends love them too. But to keep parks clean and safe for everyone, we need to be responsible dog owners. That means carrying a few bags with you to pick up dog poo and putting it in the appropriate bin.

Only use BBQs if permitted and don’t light fires

On a glorious sunny day, having a few beers and a BBQ is ideal! However, before you go and buy a disposable BBQ, check whether you are able to have one in your local park. If you are, remember the motto; 'leave no trace'. Above all take everything home with you and never leave any hot ashes lying around or light any fires.

Fed up with your favourite green spaces being a litter bin? We hope we’ve given you some inspiration on how you can do your bit and clean local parks. For more articles on all things waste and recycling, check out the rest of our blog.