Rubbish Roundup 4th March

Rubbish Roundup 4th March

Rubbish Roundup 4th March

A six-year-old schoolboy in Aberdeen is encouraging people to pick up their litter after he found a 26-year-old crisp packet during a litter pick. The boy and his dad are members of the community litter picking group, the Aberdeenshire Litter Initiative, and they said that finding the packet is proof that litter doesn’t break down.

Now, the boy is encouraging others to be more environmentally-conscious. He and his dad think that more youngsters are doing their bit, but it’s the older generation that drops litter and throws it out of their car windows.

It was roadside rubbish that prompted the boy and his dad to start litter picking. The busy B977 road near to their village is a litter hotspot where people throw litter from vehicles or dump their garden waste. The boy’s dad commented that once someone even discarded a scarecrow!

 Littering the Road

Temporary wheelie bins are set to replace 11 steel alloy containers that were stolen from a popular park in Solihull. A local councillor said that the theft would cost the council, and the taxpayer, well into four figures. The council said it had informed the police and was reviewing CCTV. It’s believed that industrial cutters were used to steal the bins as they were fixed to the ground. The council has urged people to call 101 or call 0800 555111 if they have any information about the incident.

Wheelie Bins

A woman In Grimsby has expressed her anger after she witnessed litter officers from the private firm Kingdom following someone into a doctor’s surgery to fine them. The incident happened last week when the officers followed a woman into the waiting room of the surgery and asked her to follow them outside so they could fine her.

The witness said she was disgusted and added that the officers shouldn’t be allowed to enter a medical centre to fine someone. She said that the woman appeared to be very distressed and commented that there’s so much fly-tipping going on around the town and the officers should focus on that.

North East Lincolnshire Council contracted Kingdom to carry out litter enforcement, and there was a mixed reaction to this. Some people felt that it would be a good deterrent for litter bugs, while others said that they didn’t agree with the officers’ tactics. One woman said people were being targeted while doing the school run, and some people have complained of being followed into a pub.

A council spokesperson said that its own teams and the Kingdom officers work hard to keep the borough litter free. They added that the council is committed to taking action against people who drop litter. When discussing the Kingdom officer’s actions, the spokesperson said that if an officer sees someone littering outside of a public building, they will always ask them to go outside to discuss the incident.