Rubbish Roundup 5th December 2016

Rubbish Roundup 5th December 2016

Rubbish roundup 5th December


100 new rubbish bins are being installed along the riverside in the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh. The money for the bins was donated by the Chinese, after the governor of Phnom Penh visited Beijing last year and formed a good relationship with his Chinese counterpart. The authorities claim that the decision to install the bins had nothing to do with the littering that occurred during a recent festival on the riverside, caused by a shortage of rubbish bins. Footage had apparently shown workers who were put in charge of the clean-up sweeping water into the river.

A woman in Stoke-on-Trent who left her rubbish on the opposite side of the road so she wouldn’t have to wait for 2 weeks for it to be collected has been fined £270 for fly-tipping. She put out 3 bin bags across the street as her neighbours’ collection day was sooner. Council workers opened the bags to see if they could find any information that would identify the culprit and they found an envelope with her name on it. Stoke-on-Trent council said they do consider household waste put out at the wrong time as fly-tipping. In court, the woman admitted dumping waste without a permit and was given a fine and a 12-month conditional discharge.

Redbridge Council is installing "super bins" outside train stations to tackle the problem of litter in the area. Newbury Park and Ilford Stations will be the first to get the bins, which are fitted with technology that automatically crushes waste throughout the day. This means that the bins can hold 8 times as much waste as a regular bin. If the bins are successful in reducing littering, Wanstead, South Woodford, and Woodford Green will have the bins installed. The local authorities hope that the investment in the new bins will help them save money in the long run as they face budget pressures.

Croydon Council is trialling 8 new ‘bigbelly’ bins in one of its busiest streets. The bins can hold 8 times the amount of rubbish that a normal bin can hold, and not only that, they send an email to the council when they’re full so they can be emptied sooner!  There’s a solar-powered compactor inside each bin that crushes waste so they don’t need to be emptied as often. 8 hours of sunlight powers the compactor for an entire month. The clever bins also have a sensor that collects data about how much or how little each bin is used, which is better for planners when they are deciding where there is a need for extra bins. As the bins won’t need to be emptied as often, more resources can be dedicated to street sweeping and litter picking. If the bins prove a success, more will be provided in the area, outside of busy locations such as outside of train stations.


Fly-tipping is spoiling a popular beauty spot near Hornsea in East Yorkshire. A dozen binbags full of rubbish have been dumped on land near Arran Farm, which is popular with hikers and dog walkers. Local people are concerned that the thoughtless dumping of the rubbish will harm their dogs and other wildlife.


An alleyway in Swindon has become blocked due to people dumping rubbish. The alley in Manchester Road in the town has not been cleared despite numerous complaints being made to the council. Beds, sofas, and tyres are just some of the items that have been dumped and are now causing a smell. Residents claim that the alleyway is at the back of takeaway restaurants that dump their rubbish which compounds the problem.