Zero Waste Challenge for May and June: Pick Up Some Litter

Zero Waste Challenge for May and June: Pick Up Some Litter

Summer is coming and if the weather is kind, it means we’ll be spending more time outside. But when you visit the park or beach, is there litter everywhere? That crisp packet on the ground or the beer can in a hedge is harming wildlife and polluting the environment. So your zero waste challenge for May and June is to go outdoors and pick up some litter!

Why you should pick up litter

It helps keep the place where you live/love to visit beautiful

Litter is an eyesore and research has shown that it can have a negative impact on community pride and crime. If you take the time to pick up some litter it can help you and others feel proud of where you live.

You can protect wildlife

Animals can get trapped in litter or suffer injuries if they get cut or try to eat it. If litter finds its way into waterways, it can harm fragile ecosystems. Picking up litter takes it out of harm’s way.

It saves money

Cleaning up litter cost UK councils an eye-watering £694 million in 2019. This money could be spent on essential services and things to improve communities instead.

The places we live in and visit will be safer and healthier

If we make a pledge to pick up some litter, it makes the places we live in and visit safer and healthier. There will be less risk of you, your children, or pets being harmed or injured by something hazardous.

Why people don’t pick up litter

There’s a stigma:

If you’ve ever gone out to pick up some litter, you might have had a few strange looks. People can’t comprehend why you would pick up someone else’s rubbish. I mean, people do that for community service don’t they?

They think picking up litter is someone else’s job:

‘I didn’t drop it so why should I pick it up?’ is a typical thing that you’ll hear. Many people believe that someone else will come along and fix the problem. However, litter that is polluting our planet is our problem. We all have a responsibility to take care of the environment around us.

Pick up some litter: How you can get started

There are a few easy ways to get out and pick up some litter as part of the zero waste challenge this May and June:

Pick up a few pieces of litter on your daily dog walks-take a carrier bag with you and pick up a few items each day. It can make a huge difference. 

Take part in an organised litter pick or organise one-there are plenty of litter picking groups you can join where you can meet new people, get some exercise, and help the environment. If there are no groups in your local area, why not consider setting one up? Many local councils are happy to provide equipment and support to volunteers.

So there you have it, your May/June Zero Waste challenge. Get outdoors, pick up some litter and inspire others to do so. Looking after the environment is everyone’s job.

 We hope we’ve given you plenty of inspiration on living a zero waste lifestyle. 

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