Challenge Yourself to Zero Waste Halloween

Challenge Yourself to Zero Waste Halloween

You’ve got plastic masks, sweets, decorations, and everything else you splurge on for your Halloween party. Nope, Halloween is not the most eco-friendly of celebrations. But with a few tweaks, you can keep things more sustainable. Want to challenge yourself to a zero-waste Halloween? Here’s how.

Don’t waste your pumpkin

The pumpkin is the Halloween centrepiece and we buy thousands of them every year. However, after we’ve carved them, they often just end up in the bin. Rather than waste what’s left of it, why not use it in a delicious zero waste Halloween recipe? You can use pumpkins in everything from soups to curries, and of course, pumpkin pie.

Get creative with food for a zero-waste Halloween

All those individually wrapped snacks and sweets create a lot of waste. Why not try making your own treats? Look online for inspiration. Think homemade biscuits, meringue ghosts, and homemade toffee apples. You can also ask your guests to bring something homemade with them too. Try to avoid using single-use plates, cups, and cutlery, opt for reusable and borrow some if you need to.

Make your own costume (or buy one second-hand)

Yes, there are countless amazing costumes on eBay and Amazon. However, it’s hard to have a zero-waste Halloween with all the packaging and plastic accessories that come with them. Why not consider getting crafty and making some costumes? There are some great DIY costume tutorials online. Your other option is picking up some pieces from a charity shop. Freddy Kruger stripy jumper, anyone?. You can always raid the dressing up box and revamp an old costume too. 

Zero waste Halloween decorations

Don’t buy cheap plastic decorations that are just going to end up in landfills. Either reuse last year’s decorations or get creative and make your own. Carve some pumpkins and place them strategically around your home to set the mood. Turn your front garden into a spooky graveyard and make some crosses and signs out of cardboard or wood. Use old sheets to cover furniture and create a haunted house feel. The possibilities are endless!

Sustainable Halloween party games

A zero-waste Halloween party doesn’t have to be zero fun. There are lots of sustainable Halloween party games that will entertain adults and kids. There’s pin the stem on the pumpkin, monster musical chairs, or a scavenger hunt with homemade prizes for the winners.

Are you ready to challenge yourself to a zero-waste Halloween? Hopefully, our tips have given you some inspiration. Want to read more interesting articles on sustainability and reducing waste? Check out the rest of our blog