Encourage Children to Recycle More and Litter Less with Our Novelty School Bins

Encourage Children to Recycle More and Litter Less with Our Novelty School Bins

Encourage Children to Recycle More and Litter Less with Our Novelty School Bins

When it comes to litter education and prevention, starting early is the key, and that’s why raising awareness about litter among children is a great place to start.

If kids are taught about litter at an early age, they are more likely to grow up to be responsible adults who care about the environment.

Adults can be set in their ways and so behaviour change can be more difficult, but that’s not the case with children. They are less likely to have fixed habits and behaviours, and they soak up new information like a sponge. This is why they can be excellent ambassadors for good behaviour around litter. Studies have even shown that children can influence their friends and families to change their behaviour too.

Litter charities and campaigns have realised the potential that lies in educating children about litter, and they’ve partnered with a lot of schools to align litter education with the curriculum to make it more engaging.

But while fun lessons, games, and competitions are all great ideas, never underestimate the impact that installing some novelty bins in the playground can have on children’s willingness to dispose of litter properly and recycle.



The benefits of having bins around your school

As you’ll know all too well, schools produce a huge amount of rubbish and recycling, and that’s why it’s important that pupils, staff and visitors have access to bins wherever they are, both inside the building and outdoors. By providing recycling and waste around the school, being green will become second nature to children, and they’ll carry this on throughout their adult lives.

Bins will also help keep your premises looking clean and attractive, which is not a bad thing for your school’s reputation, or for the inspections that you obviously want to pass with flying colours.


Our school bins

Our novelty school bins combine fun with practicality. They’re attention-grabbing, and most important of all, they’ll make kids want to use them.

Children love our Novelty Emoji Style Recycling Bins, and so it’s no surprise that they are a hugely popular choice for schools, playgrounds, theme parks, and fast-food outlets. They’re made from robust UV resistant plastics, they are suitable for use indoors and out (covered areas only), and they are fully customisable with the recyclable waste stream, inner liner, and emoji of your choice.

The brightly coloured lids and the graphics supplied with our Novelty Emoji Recycling Bins are WRAP compliant, and an optional lock can be supplied upon request to prevent tampering and unauthorised access to your waste.

Product Features

  • Total capacity 60-70 litres depending on the liner you choose
  • Manufactured from robust UV resistant durable plastic
  • WRAP Compliant colour coded lids and graphics
  • Happy and sad emoji available
  • Optional lock is available.


Height 797 mm

Width 522 mm

Diameter of base 376 mm


Our Novelty Mushroom Litter Bins are the perfect way to encourage children to recycle and dispose of their litter properly.

These bins are ideal for nurseries, school playgrounds, public parks, and play areas, and they are made from robust weather-resistant plastics, designed to hold up to 60 litres of rubbish or recyclable waste, and sized to suit smaller children.

The bins are available in a choice of eye-catching colours, and they can be customised with a range of child-friendly designs, including smiley faces. They also have a galvanised steel liner (recommended for outdoor use), and a lock to prevent tampering and unauthorised access.

Product Features

  • Weather-resistant plastic construction
  • 60ltr capacity without liner 70ltr capacity with liner
  • Available in a choice of eye-catching colours
  • Can be personalised with smiley face graphics, steel liner, and lock
  • Suitable for all child-friendly areas


Height 797 mm

Width 522 mm

Base Diameter 376 mm


Kids love these 52 Litre Pencil Recycle Bins, and investing in these is one of the easiest ways to encourage recycling in your school. These novelty bins are made from tough Polyethylene, a super hygienic plastic that is easy to clean and maintain, and they feature a galvanised steel liner, a wide aperture, and a fun pencil design that looks fabulous on school playgrounds.

They are available in 12 eye-catching colours, and they can be customised with the recycling sticker of your choice and personalised further with optional ground fixing bolts and a lock and key to prevent tampering and unauthorised access.

Product Features

  • 52 Litre Capacity
  • Made from Polyethylene
  • Galvanised Steel Liner
  • Choice of 12 Colours
  • Recycling Sticker Included

Size: 1200mm high x 390mm diameter


Our MiniBuddie Litter Bin is cute and colourful, and it’s perfect for school playgrounds, adventure parks, nurseries, and leisure centres where rubbish is a concern.

It’s available in four different animal designs including a Piglet, a Calf, a Ladybug, and a Tadpole, and it’s made from premium quality polyethylene with a UV coating. The bin can be used indoors and outdoors, it has a 60-litre capacity, and a fun design that kids will love.

Product Features

  • Made from Easy Clean Polyethylene with UV Coating
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • 60 Litre Capacity
  • Choice of 4 Animals
  • Lock Available to Purchase Separately


Height 808mm

Width 522mm

If a novelty litter bin is not for you then why not have a look at our full range of outdoor bins


Why choose our bins?

We’ve supplied bins to over 500 educational institutions across the UK, from Oxford University, to small primary schools. We’re proud to say we’ve played a part in keeping Britain’s schools, colleges, and universities clean and free from litter.

Our multi-buy discounts allow you to make the most of your budget so you save money for other essentials that every educational institution needs.

Want to know more about our school bins or any of the other high-quality, great value bins in our range? Contact our friendly sales team on 01684 292727 or at sales@litterbins.co.uk