What British Bins Are Available?

What British Bins Are Available?

When you’re buying goods, is it important to you to buy British? Made in Britain is a byword for quality, and you’ll find plenty of British Bins in our range. Here’s our guide to some of our bestsellers.

Why We Love British Bins, and Why You Will Too

Browse our range of bins, and you’ll find a lot of ‘Made in Britain’ logos. Our promise to our customers is that we only sell high-quality, durable, and safe products to suit every budget.

Where you see the ‘Made in Britain’ mark, you know you’re getting genuine, safe, high-quality, and value for money British bins. You can’t guarantee these things when you buy cheaper, often inferior products.

Our Best-Selling British Bins

Here are some of our most popular bins, Made in Britain with you in mind.

Set of 5 Cardboard Bins - 60 Litre

Need a low-cost way to recycle more at home or in the workplace? The MyBin is the ultimate green recycling solution. Made from recycled cardboard, these bins have a heavy-duty base and are easy to wipe clean. Each bin has a lift-off lid which indicates the recycling stream it contains. If you’re worried about the durability of a cardboard bin, don’t be. The cardboard walls of these budget-friendly bins are twice as thick as those of the nearest cardboard bin competitor.

Product Code: MyBinCreate

Slim Profile Recycling Bins - 60 & 70 Litre

Want to recycle more but don’t have the space for gigantic recycling bins? These slim indoor recycling bins might just be the answer to your prayers. There are plenty of reasons why this bin makes it onto our list of bestselling British Bins. Made from durable polypropylene, these bins have a generous capacity while not taking up precious floor space.

They’re easy to clean and maintain. The lids come in government WRAP-compliant colours to show people what goes in them. These recycling bins are popular in schools, offices, leisure complexes, and retail environments. Invest and you’ll soon see why.

Product Code: EcoSlim

Open Top Recycling Bin with Coloured Lids - 50 Litre

Schools, universities, offices, and other professional environments create a lot of recyclable waste. These bins are a complete recycling station, perfect for busy environments. If you want to encourage people to recycle more, you have to make it easy, right? These bins definitely do that.

Each bin comes with a different brightly coloured lid and stickers to help people instantly recognise what goes in them. Each bin has a generous 50-litre capacity and they’re made from commercial grade plastic. Durable, hygienic, and convenient. What more could any professional workplace need?

Product Code: Open50

Meridian Open Aperture Recycling Bin - 110 Litre

Think you can’t get a indoor recycling bin that’s stylish and practical? Think again. The Meridian Open Aperture Recycling Bin is one of the British bins that both looks the part and makes recycling a breeze.

Made from tough medium-density polyethylene, this durable bin is the perfect choice for busy working environments. Schools, universities, hospitals, warehouses, and professional workplaces love this bin, and why wouldn’t they?

Aside from its very generous 110-litre capacity, it’s easy to clean, and an integrated sack feature keeps the bin bag in place. No more having to fish in the bottom of the bin for recyclables that have fallen out of the bag.

The WRAP-compliant colour-coded lid and graphics will ensure everyone knows what does and doesn’t go in the bin. Want to increase your recycling rate with a bin that suits any professional workplace? This smart-looking bin is a sound investment.

Product Code: Meridian110

On the Lookout for British Bins?

You’ll find some high-quality, great value British-made bins in our range. Need some sound advice on which bins are best for your needs? Our friendly sales team are on hand to help. Get in touch at sales@litterbins.co.uk or on 01684 252 212.