The Best Bin Jokes You Have BIN Waiting For

The Best Bin Jokes You Have BIN Waiting For

Now we’re allowed to meet friends and family again, are you struggling with things to talk about (other than the pandemic?). What about putting a smile on everyone’s face with some well-timed jokes? Here are some of the best bin jokes to tell your friends and family.

When you think about your favourite jokes, bin jokes probably don’t spring to mind. But here in the UK, we love to make light of all things bin-related. The flying wheelie bins end up in the weirdest places thanks to the weather. Bins are used as makeshift vehicles and a place to cool down in the hot weather. Us Brits can’t get enough of them. 

Best bin jokes for those who like puns…

Do you think bin men get training or do they just pick it up as they go along?


I spent ages trying to think of a decent bin pun.

Turns out, they were all rubbish.


Best bin jokes for those who like the oldies but goodies 

Why did a chicken carrying a tin can cross the road? 

The recycling bin was on the other side.


What do you call a group of baby rubbish bins?

A litter...


I caught my wife going through the neighbour’s bins...

She's not nosey, she’s just terrible at parking!


I kept telling my boyfriend I don't want trash lying around the house.

He finally took the hint and moved out this morning. 


Finally, for those who like a play on words 

The police officer said to me "You can't throw your trash here!"

I replied “But officer, the sign right there says "Fine for littering."


I have not seen my neighbour for a while. One day I saw him in the garden and asked him ‘where’s your bin?’

He said he’d been on holiday.

I said ‘no, where’s your wheelie bin?’

He said ‘Ok, I’ve really been in prison.’ 


We hope we’ve made you smile with some of the best bin jokes we know! 

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