Why is a Wooden Bin So Popular?

Why is a Wooden Bin So Popular?

When it comes to outdoor bins, you can’t beat wooden bins. Here’s why wooden bins are so popular.

Why is there so much love for a wooden bin?

Their natural look and aesthetic appeal

There’s just something about a wood finish that looks so classic and stylish. The natural look blends in perfectly in both rural and urban settings, especially parks, other green spaces, leisure facilities, and golf courses.

Wooden bins are made to last

These bins don’t just look good, they’re practical and they’re built to last too. Take our Iroko Hardwood Bin for example. It’s made from robust and durable timber that is weather and stain-resistant. Good news if you want to invest in a bin that will survive the British weather and being in a high-traffic area.

They come in different designs for different needs

From a single standalone wooden litter bin to bins with dual or even triple compartments, you’ll find them in our range. Bins with more than one compartment can encourage visitors to parks and playgrounds to recycle on the go.

They’re eco friendly

Wood is a completely renewable resource which is recyclable at the end of the product’s life. Our wooden bins are also fully certified to FSC standards. That means you can buy with confidence, knowing that your bins are made from sustainably sourced materials.

What to consider when you buy a wooden bin

If you want your bins to last, you will need to treat the wood. Treatment will protect it from insects, fungus, moisture, and the elements. Check whether your chosen wooden bin will need annual maintenance and treatment before you buy.

Some woods like Cedar can last 15 years or more, even if it’s not treated. However, with other types of wood, like Oak, you’ll need to treat it to maintain the wood.

Looking for a wooden bin?

Our wooden bins blend in perfectly with natural landscapes and are bestsellers for public parks, golf clubs, wildlife parks, and nature reserves.

Want bins that can withstand the British weather and stay looking great for longer? Look no further than our exclusive online range of both wooden and wood effect bins. Wooden bins are the classic but contemporary choice for outdoor areas. Who said practical can’t look good?

Got questions about our wooden bins or any of the other bins in our range? Talk to our friendly sales team who’ll be happy to help. For more interesting articles on all things litter and rubbish bins, check out the rest of our blog.