Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Rubbish From A to Z - 0

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Rubbish From A to Z - 0

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Rubbish from A to Z

In this series of blogs, we’re going to look at rubbish. From the good to the bad and downright ugly, we’ll be looking at everything you ever wanted to know, from A right down to Z.


Recycling Bin O

O is for On the go recycling

Are you travelling by road to see the family over Christmas and New Year, or are you jetting off early in 2020 to escape the winter blues and enjoy some winter sun?

If you’re an avid recycler at home you might think it’s not so easy to recycle on-the-go, but it is; all that’s needed is some planning ahead.

On-the-go essentials for greener travel on the road

If you’re environmentally-conscious and you want to avoid waste and recycle when you’re away from home, here are some essentials that will help you have a greener trip.

Refillable toiletry bottles

You can buy these in a handy travel size and all you have to do is dispense your favourite products into them, then rinse them out when they’re finished. This saves you money, saves space in your luggage, and it’s better for the environment because you won’t have to buy more new products in plastic bottles.

Reusable lunch containers and water bottles

Think about how much waste you’ll create if you buy a bottle of water, packet of crisps, sandwich, and snacks while you’re on the road. Why not reduce waste and save money by making your own lunch and storing it in reusable containers? A reusable water bottle is also a great investment, and some places will let you fill it up for free.

A handful of plastic bags

Rather than putting them in the bin, why not take some extra plastic bags with you? They are useful for things like storing rubbish until you can find a bin, or keeping clean clothes separate from dirty clothes in your suitcase. Then when you get home, you can dispose of the plastic bags at a collection point.

Are you jetting off? Tips for a greener flight

We don’t want to make you feel guilty about jetting off somewhere nice, because we know you deserve it, but flying is definitely not the greenest way to travel. Both long and short haul flights create a lot of harmful carbon emissions, but the impact of our holidays abroad is not restricted to what goes into the air.

According to figures, over 5 million tonnes of waste is produced by airlines globally each year, from the food we consume during the flight to the plastic cutlery we use, boarding passes we print, and bottles of water we drink.

But if you want to reduce waste and recycle on-the-go when you fly, the good news is that you can. Just as many big corporations are realising that they need to take responsibility for the impact they have on the environment, many airlines are doing the same.

Some have invested in more eco-friendly aircraft, some are using reusable packaging for their in-flight meals and products, and others have invested heavily in implementing longer-term sustainability plans. While the industry might never become as green as we would like, we can do our bit when we travel too. Here are some tips for a greener flight:

Download your boarding pass rather than printing it out

Most airlines will allow you to do this. Check if they have an app, then use it to check-in and download your boarding pass. This will help you save time and paper.

Don’t have a meal if you don’t need it

Of course, this depends on when you’re flying, but if you’re a frequent flyer, you’ll know that eating during a flight can make you feel terribly bloated. Try to eat before your flight, and if it’s a short flight, you might be able to wait until you get to your destination. Think about it; no in-flight meal means no waste packaging, napkins, or plastic cutlery-and no gassy uncomfortable stomach. It’s a win-win!

Take a reusable water bottle with you

Nearly everyone takes a bottle of water onto a flight because it can feel a bit bone dry all the way up there. But the thing is, this adds up to a lot of waste. Take a reusable water bottle with you (note: don’t fill it up before you go through security as you’ll have to say goodbye to it) and fill it up at a water fountain or on the plane. The bonus is you’ll have your refillable bottle for all of the exciting day trips and excursions you’ll be going on, and for the hotel gym, if you get that far.

On-the-go recycling tips for when you reach your destination

Whether you’re heading off for a get-away in a cabin, or you’re jetting off to a resort abroad, here are some tips to help you reduce waste and recycle when you’re away from home.

Google it

Check if your accommodation has any recycling facilities. You can even go one further and book holiday accommodation that has green credentials.

Clean up before you clear out

Whether you’re visiting a beauty spot, or relaxing on the resort, leave no trace that you were even there. Take your rubbish with you and tidy up after yourself.

Recycle everything you can

It might seem obvious to you that you should recycle certain things like plastic bottles, but remember the other items that are widely accepted for recycling, but that we often forget about, like plastic milk bottles, shampoo and toiletry bottles, and cleaning product bottles.

When you recycle, do just as you would do at home

Just because you’re away from home, it’s no reason to get lazy about recycling. Rinse everything out, sort it into different material types (if applicable), keep plastic lids and caps on bottles and containers, and flatten things to create space for more recyclables.

Buy souvenirs made from recycled materials

If you like to buy gifts when you’re away, steer away from cheap plastic items and think about buying handmade wooden or otherwise sustainable gifts. They’re better for the environment and they’re more likely to put money into the pocket of a local craftsman or artisan rather than a corporation who has their goods made in China.

However you’re travelling this festive season and beyond, we hope that our tips will make it much easier for you to reduce waste and recycle on the go.