Recycling is not only good for the planet, it’s good for business as well. Businesses in London can now reduce their carbon footprint and cut costs, thanks to a new London Recycling initiative. The BIN THE BIN scheme aims to help businesses in the capital:

  • Cut down on the amount of plastic bin bags they use;
  • Improve the quality of their recycling;
  • Reduce the impact of their day to day operations on the environment

The problem with plastic: why the BIN THE BIN scheme?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that our planet has a serious problem with plastic. Though it’s cheap and endlessly versatile, it’s one of the biggest litter streams. It's also polluting our oceans and we recycle less than 3.5% of the plastic that's produced. The BIN THE BIN scheme is looking to change all that.

What’s the concept?

The initiative aims to replace the bins that office workers have by their desks with convenient recycling points for different recyclables. Yes, getting up, walking across the office, and taking the time to put recycling in the right bin does take more effort. However, that extra bit of effort can make a world of difference.

The BIN THE BIN scheme is not just about taking away bins and replacing them with something else.  It’s about changing behaviours and making people think. Businesses that sign up get posters and other literature, explaining the difference that just a few small changes can make. And when enough people take the time to stop and think, who knows what magic could happen?

In addition, businesses will also be able to see the results of their recycling efforts. This could go a long way to keeping employees on board. Every month, businesses will be able to see how much waste they've recycled in cost terms and in a way they can proudly tell customers. For example, if you’re a business owner, you might be happy at the savings you make by recycling 100kg of paper and cardboard. Your customers may like to know what that means in terms of the trees you've saved. Being sustainable makes your business a more attractive proposition.

BIN THE BIN: the results so far

The BIN THE BIN scheme has led to a 10-20% improvement in recycling rates at some of London's biggest companies. This has saved businesses money and helped them comply with waste legislation. London Recycling estimates that if businesses across London adopted the scheme, it could reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill by 20,000 tonnes per year.

So what happens to the desk bins?

Don’t worry, the desk bins aren’t discarded when a company adopts the BIN THE BIN scheme. They are donated to local schools that use them for planting projects. Kids get to learn about nature and the plants are great for wildlife and reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. It’s a win-win.

Are you a business owner? Would you ever consider binning your desk bins in favour of a recycling station? It could be the way to cut business costs and reduce your impact in one go.

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