Slim Bins Are Here to Stay and Hold More Rubbish Than You Think

Slim Bins Are Here to Stay and Hold More Rubbish Than You Think

So you need to save space in your kitchen. You don’t want a bulky bin that’s going to take up precious floor space, but you need one big enough for your family’s needs. A slim bin is a perfect solution. 

Slim bins may be sleek and narrow, but don’t be fooled by their svelte appearance. These bins hold more rubbish than you think. Depending on the model you choose, some of them have a capacity of 40 litres plus. Big enough for your family’s needs and you won’t have to empty it every other day either!

Of course, if you’re an environmentally conscious family, you’ll make an effort to recycle and reduce your waste as much as possible. However, for the waste you just can’t recycle, a slimmer bin is more than capable of doing the job. 

But it’s not just their generous capacity that makes slim bins the perfect choice for a modern kitchen. Here are a few other reasons why they’re here to stay. 

Slim Bins help you save on space

Maybe you’re in a bijoux apartment or you just need a bin that fits in seamlessly in your family kitchen. A slim bin is the perfect space saver. Most models will fit easily under worktops and save you precious floor space. 

They come in a range of colours and designs

Need a sleek-looking bin to go with your new modern kitchen? Whatever the design and colour of your kitchen, you’ll find one to suit you. You don’t want a tatty bulky bin cramping your style! 

Slim Bins are easy to clean

Family life can get messy, and your bin is no exception. From sticky toddler handprints to residue from food packaging, our bins bear the brunt.  Luckily, slim bins are easy to clean and close securely to stop nasty odours from escaping. Not only that, some even operate with a sensor so you can open and close it with a wave of your hand! Hygienic waste disposal at its best. 

They are built to last 

When you’re on a budget, it makes sense that you want the bin you buy to last. Most slim bins are made from durable brushed stainless steel and there’s a model to suit every budget. Sleek, durable, fit-for-purpose bins don’t have to cost you the earth. 

Slim bins are the modern space-saving waste management solution. They may be slim but they’re mighty! 

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