Slim Kitchen Bins: What’s the Slimmest?

Slim Kitchen Bins: What’s the Slimmest?

You know you need to manage waste in your apartment or small home. But every kitchen bin you’ve looked at looks a bit clunky, or it has more capacity than you need. Introducing slim kitchen bins, your compact, stylish waste solution.

What are the Benefits of a Slim Kitchen Bin?

Slim kitchen bins have a compact design and are narrower than standard bins. This means that when space is restricted, you can put them inside cupboards and under worktops.

Managing Waste In A Small Space

Managing your household waste when you live in a small space needn’t be a headache. Here are our top tips.

Put Your Slim Kitchen Bin in a Cupboard or Under a Worktop

Instead of your bin taking up extra floor space, consider putting it in a cupboard or under a worktop. This has the advantage of keeping your bin and rubbish hidden from view too. A Godsend if your kitchen is a small open-plan area.

Invest in a Food Waste Caddy

A smelly bin is not pleasant anywhere, but it’s particularly bad in a small space. You can avoid using your kitchen bin for food waste by investing in a food waste caddy. You can keep the caddy on a countertop or in a cupboard.

Be Creative with Recycling

Don’t have space for a recycling bin? Consider storing recyclables in a large bag and hanging it on the back of your kitchen door. Something the size of a large bag for life will do. Of course, this will only be suitable for dry, non-smelly recyclables like cardboard and plastic. Make sure the food waste goes in your caddy!

Slim Kitchen Bins: Our Slimmest Solution

If you live in a small space but you don’t want to sacrifice style, let us introduce you to our slimmest kitchen bin. 

The EKO Ecofly Slim Profile Bin is from our best-selling EKO Bin Collection. It’s a wonderfully stylish bin which will complement your kitchen. It has a brushed stainless steel outer shell with fingerprint-proof technology to keep your bin looking great, not grimy. A butterfly aperture means you can use the bin inside cupboards and under worktops. Then there’s the most important thing if you live in a small space, the size. This bin is available in 20-litre and 45-litre options. The 20-litre bin is only 250mm wide and for an extra 25mm of space, you can get 45 litres of capacity. Invest in this bin and there’s no need to sacrifice on practicality or style!

If you are looking for an even slimmer bin, our stackable recycling bin comes in at 23.5cm, making it extremely slim but still stylish! The fact they can stack on each other means you can increase your capacity for recycling in a small space. Each of these recycling bins holds an impressive 25 litres, meaning that two on top of each other provides you with 50 litres of space in such a small space.

Finally, our slimmest bin is this coloured coded recycling bin, it is 19cm wide and holds an amazing 25 litres. Unfortunately, these are not stackable, meaning that if you needed the bin to hold more than 25 litres you would need to place them side-by-side. They are not the most stylish bin but if you are extremely limited on space they will do they job and keep your kitchen tidy!

On the Lookout for Slim Kitchen Bins?

Live in a small home or apartment? Our range of slim bins provides a stylish waste solution that doesn’t take up too much precious floor space. Got questions about space-saving bin options? Get in touch with our friendly sales team who can recommend bins that fit any space. For more interesting articles on the best waste solutions for your home, check out the rest of our blog