Strangest Litter Bin Finds

Strangest Litter Bin Finds

What do you put in a litter bin? Ask this question and you’d get some standard responses that might cover anything you can’t recycle. But ask a refuse worker and you’d probably get a completely different answer. In their line of work, they find anything and everything in litter bins. Here are some of the strangest litter bin finds.

One of the strangest litter bin finds ever… stuffed animals

In New Orleans, an apartment block maintenance man found a stuffed raccoon dressed in a baby’s t-shirt. There was also a stuffed alligator, just to keep things interesting!

Human ashes

One refuse worker in the US found a man’s ashes in a plastic tub. The tub was from a funeral home and had the man’s details on it. Surely this was an unfortunate accident? However, when the refuse company contacted the man’s family, they said that they’d thrown the ashes away on purpose! We know Uncle Alan can be a bit of a pain at family parties, but discarding his ashes in a litter bin? A step too far.

A human finger

Staying in the US, one of the strangest litter bin finds (and maybe one of the most sinister) was one human finger. Hopefully, it was just the result of a bizarre accident. However, if you’ve ever watched CSI, you might think something else entirely.

Strangest litter bin finds…grenade, anyone?

You might think being a refuse worker is not an exciting job. Well, think again. One worker in the US found a grenade in the trash when it was unloaded at a waste facility! Not being an explosives expert, he wasn’t sure whether the grenade was live. The waste facility was completely shut down while the bomb squad came and checked it out.

A sad Valentine’s teddy bear

Not all the strangest litter bin finds are in the US. One man in Brighton found a rather sad looking Valentine’s teddy bear, dumped next to a litter bin on February 15th. This is not so much a strange litter bin find, but it’s a sad one. We just wonder what happened to the lonely heart whose gift was rejected.

Have you ever found anything strange in a litter bin? We’d love to know! If you’d like to read any more interesting articles on all things litter bins, check out the rest of our blog.