Nottingham City Council Launches an Anti-Litter Campaign

Nottingham City Council Launches an Anti-Litter Campaign

Nottingham City Council Launches an Anti-Litter Campaign

Nottingham City Council has launched a campaign asking residents to help them reduce litter. They’re encouraging residents to do their bit by simply picking up a piece of litter when they’re out. The council’s message is that if everyone picked up just one piece of litter, it would make a big difference and show that people were proud of their city.

Residents support the campaign

A recent council survey found that 97% of residents agree that people have a responsibility to clean up after themselves.

A local councillor commented that litter is a persistent problem which costs the council over £7 million per year to clean up. But they want to reiterate that they can’t do this themselves; they need the support of residents to show litterers that what they’re doing is unacceptable.

Residents are being encouraged to report littering, dog fouling, or fly-tipping to the council, whose response teams can deal with most issues in 48 hours. Residents can report incidents online and there’s also the option to upload pictures.

What is the Council doing?

Nottingham’s has 100 Community Protection Officers work who work daily to fine people caught littering, fly-tipping, or dog fouling. Dog walkers are also fined if they’re seen walking their dog without a bag to clean up after it.

To reduce fly-tipping and the incorrect disposal of rubbish, Nottingham City Council offers a free collection service for large items of household waste. Since the start of 2017, over 43,000 items have been collected, including broken washing machines, TVs, fridges, mattresses, and sofas.

Nottingham City Council also supports nearly 200 ‘Clean Champions,’ who are members of the community who volunteer to collect litter, help dispose of it, and contact the council directly if they see any issues like fly-tipping, dog fouling or broken glass which needs to be cleaned up professionally.