Which kitchen bin will fit in my space

Which kitchen bin will fit in my space

Almost everyone will have used a kitchen bin at some point in their lives. However, finding one which fits in with your kitchen can be particularly challenging. How do you know what volume or colour do you need? Fortunately, we offer a wide range of different bins that will suit your requirements. To find out more read on...

Different sizes of kitchen bins available

There are so many different types of kitchen bin that you can choose from. Meaning that understanding what will be the best for your kitchen is a difficult task. At some point, everyone will buy a bin and there will be occasions where some of those bins won’t fit in the space that they were intended for. If you’ve ever been in that situation then we can help! 

Slimline bins

Slimline bins are here for almost any situation. They are the perfect solution for most kitchen as they hold a massive amount of litter while taking up a small amount of space. If you are looking for a bin that will fit comfortably in a small gap or tidily away in the corner. Our range has bins from 19cm and with a wide range of bins you are sure to find one that will fit into your space.

Larger bins

When space isn’t an issue and you are looking for a great kitchen bin for a large household, a larger bin is required. These size bins will come in a variety of styles and designs. Meaning you shouldn’t have any issue finding a bin that will suit your kitchen layout and design. Holding a minimum of 35 litres, you’ll be able to find one that will cope with all your rubbish. Even if you are in a commercial kitchen or a large family home!

Cupboard Bins

Cupboard bins can be an absolute saviour when it comes to maximising space. If you are in a situation where you have a large amount of cupboard space in a smaller kitchen then these can provide a solution to maximise your space. A number of kitchens are built as a walkthrough which means that any size bin just gets in the way. So by placing the bin inside of a cupboard will really help. Bin sizes range from 10 litres to 35 litres with both single and double sizes and start from a width of 22.2 cm. Making it perfect for any kitchen while also giving you space in your cupboard for other items.

What should I get then?

Ultimately you know best about your requirements. However, we offer a simple live chat service to talk through all of the options to find you the perfect kitchen bin. However, cupboard bins can be hugely beneficial and allow you to maximise your space. From our range, we recommend the Simplehuman pull out recycler. Which is easy to install and provides a full recycling unit without taking up any floor space. It will glide out of your cupboards with ease and provides you with an elegant solution to your rubbish requirements. 

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