Can a Cigarette set a bin on fire? 

cigarette bin

Fires harm people and damage property. While some bin fires are started deliberately, many are the result of a carelessly discarded cigarette. Here’s how to reduce the chances of a cigarette bin fire.  

Stopping cigarette bin fires

In the home

In 2022/23 there were over 2000 recorded house fires caused by smoking materials. To prevent bin fires in your home, always make sure that cigarettes are put out, cold, and preferably wet before you put them in a bin. Never put hot ashes in a bin as it can melt the plastic and cause a fire. It probably goes without saying that you should never dispose of a cigarette in a wastepaper bin.

In schools and offices

Since 1st July, 2007, it has been illegal to smoke in most workplaces in the UK. This has led to workers congregating outdoors to smoke on their breaks. For schools, businesses, and other organisations, having a designated smoking area can help prevent fires. If there is no designated smoking area, people may smoke too close to the building and carelessly dispose of their cigarettes.

In the street

Cigarette fires in public bins are a serious hazard to people and property. You can do your bit to reduce the risk. If you are smoking when you are out and about, make sure your cigarette is fully extinguished before putting it in the bin. Speaking of bins, always use a dedicated cigarette bin with an ashtray and/or stubber plate.

As many fires in public bins are started deliberately, be sure to report any suspicious or malicious behaviour around bins. If you see smoke or flames coming from a bin, keep a safe distance from it and call the fire brigade.

Looking for a cigarette bin?

There are plenty of cigarette bins on the market, so how do you choose the right one? To find the right bin for your needs, you should consider:

  • The capacity you need
  • Whether it needs to be protected from the weather
  • Whether you want a free-standing bin or one you can mount on the wall or a post
  • What would suit the exterior look of your building

Litter Bins Recommends…

Top free-standing

Round Litter and Cigarette Bin - 12.5 Litre

Our Round Litter and Cigarette Bin encourages responsible disposal of cigarette butts and litter. It has a large stainless steel ashtray for safe disposal of smoking waste. Available in matt black or matt steel finishes, it complements the exterior of any building from hotels to business premises.

Top wall-mounted 

Wall-Mounted Cigarette Bin

Our stylish Wall Mounted Cigarette Bin will make smoking-related litter around your premises a thing of the past. Stylish and made from high-quality materials, this compact bin both looks the part and ensures safe cigarette butt disposal. It has two stubber plates and a fire-resistant metal liner as well as a tamper-proof lockable front access panel.

Top post-mounted 

Rubbermaid Infinity Post Mounted Cigarette Bin - 1500 Butt Capacity

One of our best-selling outdoor bins, the Rubbermaid Infinity Post Mounted Cigarette Bin is the perfect choice for a designated smoking area. It’s weather-resistant and has an integrated snuff plate and ashtray to ensure cigarettes are safely extinguished before disposal. If you’re looking for a durable and stylish option that will complement any modern business premises, you’ve got it.

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